I might remember


This world empty and bare
by superficial green life
I stand as a vessel of nothing
only to trot and dance
Sing the solemn song
and be grateful to earn my own
life back

Might we greet death with
anticipation of
welcomed open arms
of self callous action

Or might I walk
into Styx
and earn my voice
to yell for relief


It’s cold. It’s always
cold and dark.
Of us left
we trudge through, forward
I amongst others of

Hollow men, biding breath
moving forward in unison
rhythm of March
yet no fight, but
an urge to suffer


Cut our eyes
and let us blister
let us blister
cut our eyes to
let us know
this darkness is no longer
our choice


It’s a forgiving dream
that tempts us all
but to bite
is to regret


Kill me, so I might remember
Kill me, so I might remember
Kill me, so I might remember
In darkness, there is light

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