I dismiss.

Fair Capulet doth beauty claim,
Risen late tidings in fall remains.
I long to make known my manner.
I dismiss.

Though love concave in own strings alter,
Mind contest and so hearts falter.
I rest my effort and concede to will.
I dismiss.

Must lie accordance, slumber grew accustomed,
Tis foremost unreciprocated lust emotion.
False fortune I did collect.
I dismiss.

Time unbeknownst, thus days unkind,
Dawn bloomed no longer in moonlit sky.
I rage within to lift the veiled night.
I dismiss.

Though beauteous soul left unbrushed,
In shadows drops gallant wanderlust.
The Rose hath withered.
I dismiss.

Photograph taken by © Jonas Maris 2007 – 2015.
All rights reserved.

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