I Drink a Lot of Coffee. A Lot.

The beginning of my collegiate career I swiftly learned that you are the keeper of your own happiness.

What I mean is that it’s up to you to do things in pursuit of your happiness, even if you don’t actually know how.  When I got bored of using Reddit in my dorm room, and I felt disconnected from society — I learned that all I needed to do was go outside, and every time I did I found something to do.

Call it a means of probability.  If you’re sitting at home on your laptop, the odds of somebody knocking on your door are slim.  If you’re walking down the street, the odds of you running into someone you know are higher.  If you’re out at a bar, the odds of you sparking a conversation with someone are exponentially higher.  So what to learn from this?

Take Advantage of Being Apart of the World

Sifting your way through Tumblr may seem entertaining, but it’s a fleeting emotion, and ultimately does nothing to benefit you.  Why waste hours of your time on the internet being fed useless click bait?  It doesn’t make sense.  Believe it or not, human interaction is what feeds the social emotional hunger.

Introverted?  Socially awkward?  Cynical?  Doesn’t matter.  I like spending my day at home too watching Doctor Who and playing World of Warcraft.  Often I found myself wishing I had friends who also liked doing the same thing, and then we could be loners together.  I find a lot of introverted people still want a companion.  It’s fucking human nature to want a friend.  You can’t fight that.

Stop trying to justify that everyone sucks when in reality only about 8/10 people suck.  Muster the courage to talk to at least nine people, and you’ll find one you like.

It Is Easier Said Than Done

And I understand that.  Trust me.  What are the odds that every day will be one of those memorable days?  That’s probably why if you’re ever in Chattanooga, you’ll find me in one of two places.  The Camp House, which is a coffee shop, or if its the evening, The Flying Squirrel, which is a bar.  Those two places are where I spend my days.  Because I personally think that my odds for adventure increase just by being there.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met because of the Camp House, and how many of my best nights started at the Flying Squirrel.  Although, averagely, maybe only once a week does something exciting happen, and only once a month does something truly memorable happen. (Damn odds…)

Now, it’s probably not the best move to visit the same place over and over and over.  I do it because I’m a man of habit, however, by expanding your horizons and consistently going to new and unfamiliar places you’re able to further create more relationships, and have the opportunity to meet new people who could likely change your life forever.  Which can be cool.

Call it Serendipity

Fortunate happenstances, pleasant surprises, happy accidents, destiny, a John Cusack movie; define it how you want, but the meaning is the same.  Small things happen every day.  From things that don’t seem like anything, to things that punch you in the jaw.  Everywhere, all the time, the world is in motion.

Personally I define serendipity as adventure.  What exactly do I mean by that?  Well, to me, everything in this world can lead to an adventure.  The opportunity in doing so lies solely on you grasping to it and taking advantage of your situation.  Many people don’t even notice when opportunity presents itself.  I understand it’s very hard to realize, but it can be so easy if you let it.

For example.  Go to a bar.  Go to a park.  The grocery store.  A barbershop.  A boutique dog food store.  Go anywhere.  Look around — notice the people that are there.  Each person is an opportunity.  Every person has something to offer to you, and any person could ultimately change your life forever.  If you let them.

So the next time you are drinking coffee, let someone change your life, or change someone else’s life.

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