Tom’s Nachos

“Toby, do you know what the most important thing about traveling is?” Questioned Tom, an elderly stranger that I met no more than three minutes earlier.

“What is that?” I asked merely to amuse.

“Stopping at a brewery, and drinking the local beer.” He responded.

I smiled, “I like you, Tom.” I sincerely thought that was a great answer, and an answer I wasn’t much expecting either.

“But more important than just ordering a brewery’s beer is ordering their nachos.” He added. Now I was confused by this seemingly senile old man… What does that even mean? I decided to ask.

“What does that even mean?”

He only laughed. After that, he proceeded to buy some stuff from the shop, and went on with his life. A life filled with beer and nachos.

I can’t say I knew what Tom meant when he spoke these words of wisdom to me. And honestly I don’t know if he meant for it to come across the way I received it. So…

What Did He Mean?

I put in headlines to keep your attention.

Tom said this to me. “When you go to a brewery, you have to get a pint of their beer, and an order of nachos. If their beer is good, but their nachos suck, it’s not a good brewery. If their beer is bad, and their nachos rock, it’s not a good brewery.”

What the fuck, Tom?

I’ve had plenty of amazing beer and plenty of mediocre nachos. But the beer is good. The beer was good. Wasn’t it?

What Makes a Good Brewery?

The mash bill, and happy hours.

Probably the beer. At least that’s what you would think, but the answer is the nachos.

What I’ve gathered from Tom, is that a good brewery is just as good as the kitchen. And that makes sense. A business that takes care in more than one element of their space, is a good business.

Beer is beer is beer. Nachos are nachos are nachos.

These things are fact. Good beer is awesome. Good nachos are awesome. And a place that has both, is awesome.

Why Should You Care?

Because Tom cares, and that should be enough.

After cracking the code in Tom’s advice for life and travel, I figured that this rule could apply to everyday life. That we shouldn’t strive to just be amazing at one thing. That we should rather strive to learn everything we can about the entire world around us.

I once read a book that states that you should make a career move every decade or so. Challenge yourself in a new way, and that by doing so, you’re not only keeping your mind active, but you’re also keeping your life entertaining.

Life isn’t set in stone. We can plan for our future every day for the rest of our lives, but as those days come, what are we left with? I can’t speak for everyone, but five years ago, if you asked me where I saw myself in now… I’d probably say, “I would have just finished college, and probably looking for a career job.” But that’s not what happened. I dropped out, I moved, and now I’m back where I started five years ago. Except this time I have many more stories, I have much more life experience, and I have wisdom I want to share. I also have a cool job.

Don’t Limit Yourself from Yourself

Because it’s way too easy.

Standing in your way at any and all times in life is you. Inevitably you. We make our own choices, and we each write our own stories. You may tell yourself you’re a fantastic musician because you play guitar, and you may be really good with a box of wood and some strings. However, what can make you a fantastic musician is learning more than one instrument.

I may call myself a good writer because I write personal development articles, but I can be a better writer by expanding more into short stories, or taking a stab at different genres.

It’s easy to get comfortable in what feels secure. You can get caught up in the normality of things, and sometimes you feel it’s harder to move forward or progress because it’s easier to stay the same. Life isn’t easy, though, it’s not supposed to be. The best things in life are what challenge you. So challenge yourself.

Drink More Beer, Eat More Nachos

Both literally and metaphorically.

If you make good beer, start working on making good nachos. If you make good nachos, start working on making good beer. Simple. You get it, right?

If you’re not good at making things. Then eat more beer, and drink more nachos. Do what you can to mix things up.

For now, however, if you’re traveling — stop at a brewery, get a beer, and order their nachos. For Tom.

2 thoughts on “Tom’s Nachos

  1. Toby, you inspire me. I love your writing! Witty, interactive, vulnerable, and to the point. It makes me feel like we’re hanging out drinking beer and eating nachos. Thanks for pushing through the writers block! It’s always a pleasure!

    1. I’m happy you enjoy it! Honestly. It humbles me, because you’re too kind. Thank you SO much for reading, and continuing to read my articles/posts!

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