A Curse Undone

I started writing this post a few weeks ago.  Since then I’ve found new meaning in what I want to talk about.

Many people ask me why my website is called Curse for this Town.  An easy answer is that it is a lyric from a song by The Shins called New Slang.  The title of this article is actually from another Shins song called September.

That’s the answer I tell people if I don’t want a conversation.

But If You Want to Talk….

This blog started in March of 2011.  Four years ago I was a seventeen year old kid trying to find a prom date.  Now I’m a twenty-two year old kid trying to find his way through life.  Not a vast difference honestly.  Normally I would stem into some crazy analogy of the two and how they relate, but I won’t get into it.  I’m here to give you a brief history lesson.

Curse for this Town means a lot for me.  At the time when I posted my very first entry, it honestly meant nothing.  My original domain name for this website was thedarlinglife.wordpress.com.  And I rocked that for quite sometime until I switched it over to curseforthistown.wordpress.com.

I held onto that suffix of wordpress until I dropped my first attempt at a rap album called “The Detour” and I used this website as a springboard to promote my hip-hop career.  (However, I am not a rapper.  I do still enjoy doing it, and I’m currently working on a new album.  Watch out world.)

What’s the Curse?

Initially, the curse was being stuck in one town for so long.  I grew up in a city in Germany, so I traveled a lot around Europe when I was younger.  When I came to the states when I was twelve, we never left the country again.  I felt stuck living in Clarksville, Tennessee.  The curse was having to be there, and so I cursed the town itself.

Then I moved to a different city, and the curse had been lifted.  But it wasn’t.  I loved living in Chattanooga.  Chattanooga was amazing.  There was just something I longed for that wasn’t here.  I realized that I was the curse.

Why Am I Cursed?

Now, I’m not a superstitious person by nature.  Curse is solely a metaphorical term I use.  I don’t actually believe that I am cursed.  I am however, cursed with the gypsy blood, and I don’t know how to rest.

“They say that people who suffer from wanderlust are in a perpetual state of either looking for something that doesn’t exist, or running from something they can never get away from.  My experience tells me it’s not a question of either/or but rather a statement of both and how much.”

It’s beautiful, haunting, and undeserving.  I don’t travel as much as I’d like, yet I’m always yearning to.  Why?  I’ll never know.  I love the mysterious condentation that hitting the road holds, and I enjoy the broken foundation of how I choose to travel.

I find beauty in the adversity.

Gold Teeth and a Curse for this Town

You might call me a life enthusiast.  I appreciate the way I look at things in the world.  I seldom meet others who think (whatever that means…) the same way that I do.  When I do, I latch on to those people.  It’s refreshing.

This curse that I so claim to have, is a benefit now.  I love it.  Initially it was nothing more than a song, and now it’s who I am.  It’s how I define myself.

But let’s not paint in a broad stroke…

A curse is more than just my need to travel. A curse can mean so much more. Sometimes we have issues with school/work. Sometimes we have problems with dating. Sometimes we sadly have problems with happiness.

I have these problems, too.

That’s why I want to help people by offering solutions, because if you’re here on this website — you might be having a problem, too. You might be cursed.

We’re all cursed.

Is it Sad?

Rhetorical question.  It can be.  Thinking this way is both a blessing and a curse.  Life in general can be bittersweet.

I believe that there are two types of people.  Those who believe that they deserve what they get.  And those who want to be better.  Why do I travel?  Because I need to see it all.  I need to experience cultures.  I need to meet everyone.  I do it to make myself better, as well as my days.

I am running, and you should run too.  Run to keep the horizon in your eyes, to find new and better days, and to see where the light shines when the sun sets on home.

Stay cursed my friends.

One thought on “A Curse Undone

  1. I found u thru InstaGooTwit gram was the one. Mmmm I think we could be Friendz follow the internet and see if u can catch me. I actually had a mamalabaas in new Orleans put a curse on M3 when I was 15 that every man fall hopelessly in love with me so I could command an army, its now 20yrs later, the curse worked, but it has not been a blessing. So please interweb creep my shit, I read this whole article , and let me know what else of urs I might like.

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