A letter to everyone I used to know,

Dear (insert your name),

I know we haven’t talked in a looonnnggg time. Almost to the point where even poking you on Facebook would be weird…. Sometimes I want to ask you how you’re doing, like, “Hey! Remember that time you and I did that cool thing, and then that other cool thing, then that weird thing happened….. but we got Steak n Shake and everything was cool again. Good times, haha.” But sadly… we don’t really talk any more. Maybe a few likes on Facebook, or a birthday wish from each other.

I’m just sending you this letter because I want you to know we’re still friends, at least you’ll always be considered my friend. We had some great memories once upon a time.

And now… well, y’know.

It’s alright though. I know that’s how things work. I mean I’ve moved quite a few times, and been to a few schools. You’ve (your life story), too. I just wanted to say, “Hello.” More importantly, I wanted to say, “Thank you.”


The letter above is obviously a broad gesture to all of my friends. The thank you is in reference to me wanting to tell everyone this:

You were a part of my life. We could have known each other for a day, weeks, years, or still. You and I were friends at one point in time. That’s how we go to be friends on Facebook. I’m thanking you for sharing some of your life with me, because it’s been an absolute pleasure knowing you. And I hope we can see each other again, in real life.

This is why I hate the internet. It dilutes our memories of each other. Instead of you being that person I went to Steak n Shake with, now you’re the annoying person who won’t f*cking stop posting selfies. I digress.

I think about most all of you from time to time. Even if it’s only a fleeting thought. You’re not gone. Your memory is forever entangled in my mind, and your presence has influenced me today.

Thank you for being there. For being a friend to me. For allowing me to be your friend. It means everything. Sincerely.

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