I hope.

I’ve always been one to see things in the most realistic way possible.  I think that’s why I tend to act silly and goofy.  That’s why I describe myself as a hopeless romantic instead of a hopeful romantic.  I see how things will end, when majority of the other time the others don’t.  And no… it’s not my perspective of things, and it’s not my pessimism that drives these things to their ultimate end.  I know this because I fight for things.  I always have.  Maybe it’s the fact that I start fighting so early.  I want these things to last.  I want reality to lose for once, and I want my hopes to actually come true.  So, I sit here and hope.  I hope that my endeavors will not fail.  I hope my efforts will prevail.  I hope my actions never falter.  And I hope… I hope that wish in that fountain will come true.

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