The Elmo’s

Jimmy was a seven year old boy with blonde hair and a Sesame Street jumper, so you know he was up to no good.  Him and his buddies came up with a gang called the Elmo’s, they were a group of ‘bent and havoc.’

Jimmy and the Elmo’s were in the basement up to no good watching T.V. when an ad about a circus being in town came up. “Hey Jimmy, what do you think about the circus?” asked Jimbo, Jimmy’s cousin.  “It’s play time!” replied Jimmy in his most sinister voice.  He picked up his Louisville Slugger and hit the T.V. with it.

Later that night Jimmy and the Elmo’s snuck out of their houses.  They got on there trikes and were off singing, “I love you, you love me…” An evil song indeed.

When they arrived at the circus it was in full swing.  They parked there trikes next to some Harely’s and marched in.  “Hey you can’t go in there without adult supervision!” yelled the security guard.  They turned around and beat the guard up, and threw him in the dumpster.

When they found a seat, a red haired clown with a funny looking suit came and picked Jimmy up.  Jimmy was startled.  Nobody ever picked him up.  He just wouldn’t allow it.  “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”  said the clown in a gentle voice. “But will.”  Jimmy quietly whispered in the clown’s ear.  “GET HIM!”

Present Day

Jimmy and the Elmo’s were sentenced three years in Juvenile.  They later over threw the warden.  The clown is still in intensive care with sever bite marks and scratches.  He is showing promising brain activities.

Jimmy and the Elmo’s went home and watched T.V.  On every channel there was news about the clown.  “This clown named… well, he wont tell us, but he was attacked by the Elmo’s.  The third time this week [the Elmo’s have done this], first the ice cream man, then the zoo-keeper, now a clown.” said the news reporter.

The Elmo’s were mad, so they went down the street singing, “They hate me, we hate you….” they were singing the whole time.  Then the Elmo’s screamed!

“Hey Jimmy, I won’t hurt you, but they will!”  Out popped three clowns. “I’m Bean.” said the skinny one.  “I’m Boggis.” said the small one. “I’m Bunch.” said the fat one.  The clown spoke, “The day I picked you up I knew there was trouble, the only reason I came in this business is because I need money for college, I HATE KIDS!!!”  he yelled, “Their faces, laughs, and smiles!”  Jimmy was terrified and he ran away, so did the Elmo’s.

The next day Jimmy and the Elmo’s walked down the street to the ice cream store.  When they came out there was mime.  The Elmo’s watched him.  “Oh, I see you met my friend.” said the clown.  “See the only thing is Boggis, and Bunch, and Bean were in a car accident.  So he’s the only one left.  The Elmo’s attacked the mime.  Then the mime formed a box in front of him, but you couldn’t see it.  The Elmo’s ran in to the box.  The mime picked up the box and put it over them.  The Elmo’s were trapped for five minutes until they knocked over the box.

Then for some reason they started singing, even I the narrator doesn’t even know why.  This is what they started singing, “I hate mimes, they’re so mean, why do they have to pick on us.  With a box, and a smack, to me and you and you.  Why do they have to pick on the youth.”

The Elmo’s started to watch Barney and finally found the true meaning of love, the group name was still the Elmo’s, but they changed their ways.  The clown on the other hand finally got enough money for college and got married on national T.V.


[Click here for Afterword]

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