Atlas Clement

Before I left Chattanooga I began to work on my mixtape entitled “I [Heart] Tables.”  This mixtape was just going to be me having fun with my friends.  Just rapping silly stuff over pretty much all sampled beats.  The problem was, I began this venture just before leaving for the summer, and since many of my friends were to be on this, I decided to wait until after summer before we worked any further. So, not derailed, but only delayed.

When I arrived back in Clarksville, I still had the writing bug.  After writing half of the mixtape, I decided I should work on something more immediate.  I was just going to write and record one song, but after making an album art for it, I thought the album art deserved something more.  That’s when I came up with the idea of working on an LP.

So, I quickly began to work on this new album, scouring the interweb for beats.  I found at least fifteen potential beats, but trying to stay along the same lines I narrowed it down to a current nine.  Eight of which, are finished.  Now, I’m only trying to find, at the very least, two more beats, so I can finish it up and release it.  I feel confident in saying I will finish this by the end of this month or the next.

However, some of the remaining beats from the original fifteen, I liked too much.  This caused me to come up with the idea of making a very short EP that would be closely associated with this LP.  Ironically the EP is already done  (Although I may add one more track).

Also, I recently decided to change my rapping moniker.  So, these new albums will not be released under Scottie.

[Photograph taken by Lovin Middleton]

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