Defining Moments.

I spent some time in Colombia, Tennessee this past weekend to visit my very good friend Kyle.  While I sitting outside a Kroger gas station waiting for our friend, Bree, to get off, he asked me a question, “What are the moments you would say defined your first year of college?”  This question made me smile.  It made me frown.  It filled me with a sense of ease.  And it made me nostalgic.  In no particular order memories started spewing out of my mind and into stories I treasure so deeply.

I’d write them all here, but I’d not want to bore you with anecdotes from my past.  I may type them somewhere else, provide a link, let you read at your own demise.

Looking back at everything, the people I’ve had come through my life, grateful of each one, I noticed I never took the time to appreciate them all, because they were important to me, truly.  It’s weird knowing now, that some of my fondest memories I shared with people I cared about back then are now just people I used to know.

Even recently, when I walk by these people, only a smile or a hello is all that’s shared.  I hope that’s not the case with majority of my dearest friends I left due to the summer.  I hope we’ll be able to get back to how things were. However, with so many not even coming back, it may be hard to stay in contact with them.  Even now, as time progresses — the distance becomes greater.

And it’s sad, because we’re aware of what’s happening, yet we don’t stop it.  Even though we want to.

I’ll miss you.

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