Rust it right.

Life is not fair.

I was always told, “If you do what’s right, it will go well with you.”  Then tell me what I’m doing wrong, because as far as I’m concerned and aware, I’ve done nothing to exacerbate these situations.  Honestly…  I’m tired.  I’m tired of waiting.  I’m tired of all this bullshit that I don’t rightly deserve.  Because it’s unfair.

When I try.  I lose.  When I stay.  I lose.  When I fight.  I lose.  When I hope.  I lose.

I lose due to scenarios I cannot control.  It’s not my fault the path that leads to my ultimate happiness is covered in dirt and sorrow.  I’ve learned from my past mistakes.  Things I should have done, and things I never should have done in the first place.  This time, however, was no mistake I made, it was a mistake made by the sons and daughters of hungry ghosts.  Feeding off of hopes, and consuming something wonderful just because it had the time.

“Gotta keep thinking, things, hunters and kings
To block out the view, I gotta get
New bell to ring, New song to sing
A steady hand to ring.
A readiness of things I do.”

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