Could Be Something.


For some reason.. lately everything has felt… what’s the word….?  It’s a hard feeling to explain.  It’s like a longing for completion that will never happen, yet still being filled.  Albeit slowly, but being filled nevertheless.  All of my actions are developing this.  Not just my actions.  Even photos, songs, and stories.


Realization that I know what I want.  That’s different, knowing…  Still though, too many wants to pick from.  However, I do know the big wants.  The most important wants.  And right now, I know I do not want what  I am currently doing.


My current condition of my well being is lost.  I continue to do things that make me unhappy, yet I fight not for the things that do.  Maybe I’ve lost too many fights… which have caused me to grow hopeless.  I’ve grown exhausted.  Now, I wander numb on a default path, waiting for destiny to take me.  [False].  I make my own destiny.  I know that.

How  do I?

Too many questions, but the same answer to each, “Go.  Just go do.”  Now I just need to follow my own advice.

Hopefully I do so soon.

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