The March of Progress?

“Nestled in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of a spiral galaxy, an insignificant, tiny blue-green planet orbits 92 million miles around a disregarded sun….  it’s inhabitants, descended from apes, are so amazingly primitive, they think digital watches are a really neat idea.

Isn’t it amazing… the things we are taught to believe in or not believe?  Our bodies cannot be made as a result of an explosion (although, from time to time, I feel like exploding, not knowing my purpose for being alive).

One thing for sure:

My grandfather wasn’t an ape.

Here we are, clinging to our warm, grassy planet in the suburbs of the Milky Way.  Most of us try not to think about the ever-expanding universe, and our purpose in it.  But others wonder… is that all there is?  I knew there was more to life than just keeping the grass mowed.

And so I began my hitch-hiking quest, in search of a ride; that special someone going someplace, who could reveal the mysterious meaning of Life, the Universe, and EVERYTHING……..

But no matter which movement, belief, or philosphy I tried “hitching” a ride on, I got dropped off and was left alone again, stranded in the same desert of unanswered questions:

What is Death?  Is it peace?  No hurts?  Is death oblivion?  Or are we oblivious to the fact we will all go there?  Why do we exist?  Do we exist?  Why am I alive?  What are we living for?  Why was I born to shop for cloths, to impress people who shop for clothes?  Nowhere to return… Nowhere to belong… What do I now?  Where can I go?

Does anybody know?

I guess I’ll just stick out my thumb, and hope to “hitch” another ride… but to where?  With whom should I ride next?  There are so many pathways… wow…

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there!

What are we living for?  Can someone answer me?  Somebody…. please……  Give me a hitch-hiker’s guide to life!!”

I’m currently sitting in the Yellow Deli with my good friend Kyle.  I’m sipping on some tea, and trying to fix my writer’s block.  I look up, and I see the plank above.

So, I take no credit for writing the above passage.  It’s what is written on this plank.   I wish I could give respects by naming the writer, but unfortunately I can’t find any hint of signature or any claim whatsoever.  I just found it… so utterly amazing.

(I’ve recently come to find it’s written by Douglas Adams.)

I’m not sure if it’s this extremely-hard-to-pronounce-ginseng tea I’m drinking, or if it is in fact the passage I read above.  Whichever it is, I thank it for clearing my writers block.  I do.  However, with my thoughts actually racing in a million different directions, I have to bid you adieu.  But do expect a new entry, short story, or some other kind of work in the near future.

See you soon.

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