A Wizard. A Rock Star. A Redneck. A Stoner. And a Secret Agent.

This semester has been different.  I’ve felt so much better about a lot of things.

I’ve become closer with “seldom talked to” friends, and have already shared many memories I will never forget.  I love these guys.  They remind me of myself in so many ways.  These guys are truly amazing.  I hope I’m able to stay close with this group for a long time.  I just wish I was able to devote an equal amount of time with my roommates, because I love them so much, and I don’t want to grow distant.  It’s hard to balance.

I’ve also joined a program called Mocs News, which is UTC’s broadcasting news program.  There are so many cool people apart of this program, and they are all so awesome.  I love every moment I get to spend there.  And so bad, I have missed editing!!  The day I joined, I felt like I filled a gap, something told me I had made the right choice, and  I do believe I did.

This semester has already started off so wonderfully.  My days are always filled with me smiling.  I’m so glad I made the choices that led me where I am right now.  Because I have a fantastic group of friends.  I met this awesome girl.  I’ve joined a program that I so dearly love.  My album is finally finished.  And my days just keep getting better!

Happy Leap Year!

One thought on “A Wizard. A Rock Star. A Redneck. A Stoner. And a Secret Agent.

  1. So b4 I even read it I like to comment the title aught my attention but 4 years ago today u wrote it I read it 👹

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