I’m currently bumping the wonderful EP that is Wondery.  (Click image to download.)

Being very familiar with the talent of my good friend Damarius, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  He is an eclectic soul, so the unexpected was very expected.  The only sure thought I had in my mind was that what ever he was going to release, it was going to be golden.  But time was killing his fans.  Like Lupe, he put holds on his original plans for his first EP.   And like me, the date for his album was beginning to become blurry.

Though, in a seemingly random and quick burst of activity on his website (DamKid) his readers knew something was in the works.  The writers bug bit him hard as he was more motivated then ever.  He then quickly released a single entitled Flounder Filet Delight and craved to write more.  Teaming up with his extremely talented buddy, Edwin Cordova,  better known to his fans as Cyde, they recorded this – A true work of passion.  A true work of art.  And a true work of wonderful.

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