A quick perspective.

How many of you would look at me the same way if I told you I didn’t believe in God?  Or any god for that matter?  I’ve grown tired of the negative perception people have on Atheist.  With many people I know, the mention of an Atheist is quickly frowned upon.  I don’t understand…

It seems that those who do judge harshly have forgotten what Paul said to the Romans in Romans 14:19,  “Let us go after the things which make peace, and the things by which we may be a help to one another. Do not let the work of God come to nothing on account of food.” (Basic English Translation)  Why do people have to always be putting others down, or quickly judging them?  Stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken.  Every person is entitled to their own belief.  As long as the ultimate goal is for peace and tranquility, why not accept those willing to help?

Just because someone doesn’t believe in your god doesn’t make them a bad person.  A bad person is just a bad person.  There are bad Christians, Islamist, Hindus, Shintos, Jews.  A bad person isn’t classified under one belief.  Take me for example… If I told you I was Muslim, would you hate me?  Would you think of me differently?  Would you think I’d try to kill you?  Well if I was Muslim, no…. I wouldn’t.  I’d still be silly ol’ Toby, the guy who is obsessed with sunglasses and drives a car with fuzzy dice.  I would not be a different person.

Religion doesn’t create a sense of morality.  People innately know what’s wrong and right.  A good Atheist isn’t going to steal from you any more or less than a good Jehovah’s Witness would.  Because it’s the word good, that separates from the religion.  Atheist and Jehovah’s Witnesses are people, too.  Replace each of those religions with the word person and the line reads, “A good person isn’t going to steal from you any more or less than a good person would.”

I’m not saying I look down on religion.  I grew up as Jehovah’s Witness.  Trust me… it sucked at times.  But I do believe in God.  I just really became ambivalent towards the whole idea of religion.  And not because of what I was taught in church.  But because of how people in the world who claim to be something, are not.  If you’re going to claim something.  Own to the fact at all times.  Not just when it’s necessary.  Don’t be religious when you’re in a jam, or when you want to feel better than someone else.

You being a Christian or any other domination, does not make you any better (or worse) than someone who believes differently.  So fuck you, you ignorant piece of shit.

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