Under The Influence.

No….  I’m not drunk or high.

I’ve always loved hip-hop, but aside from metal, it was probably my most blunt genre of music, even though hip-hop is probably my second or third most listened to genre.  My top rappers at the time were Eminem, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.  I loved all of them, I owned all their albums, and I knew lyrics to all there songs.  It never really bothered me that I only listened to three rappers.  Then I was introduced to Kid Cudi through Kanye West.  Kid Cudi soon hit the charts on my iPod and I was introduced to a new type of hip-hop.

After a long ride with Kid Cudi playing in my car on a constant loop, I decided I needed to expand my taste in this young genre.  With the help of my friend and his website, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for.  My knowledge expanded, and I kept true to my typical self.  To the equivalent of my indie rock bands, I discovered so many underground hip-hop artists.  From Aesop Rock to the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, I grew a new appreciation of hip-hop.

Childish Gambino then entered the picture.  I was always a fan of Donald Glover’s work.  But not knowing the full potential of this man I blindly looked over his real talents for the longest of times.  Then one casual day I happen to be strolling the lovely YouTube when I found Mr. Gambino’s remix of Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.  Since then… I was hooked.

I quickly learned all the amazing things Donald Glover has done in his short period of life and is still continuing to do!  One…  He’s a writer for the award winning show “30 Rock”.  Two… He is an actor in one of my favourite shows entitled “Community”.  Three…  He’s a stand up comedian.  Four…  He has is own comedy troupe that makes videos under “Derrick Comedy”.  Five…  He wrote, directed, and produced a hilarious movie called “Mystery Team”.  AND finally – Six…  He’s an amazing rapper.  (And as a side bonus, he also has a new-age alternate universe Spider-Man that is influenced by him.)

Donald Glover has done and is doing everything I want to do with my life.  He is one of my biggest influences.  On all of my writing.  Including my scripts, songs, and even this website.  Without the influence I receive from him, I wouldn’t be able to focus these skills towards anything important, real, or [super]heroic.

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