Not sure.  Today’s November fourth.  I should be doing something productive.  I should be writing a four page paper due next Tuesday… of which I haven’t started.  Or…  I should be working on math homework which is also due next Tuesday.  But….  nah… I’m good.

I just made/sampled the final beat to my EP.  And I need to start writing that shit.  Because this is due to come out next week.  And I have nothing recorded.  So, once I finish writing that ish.  I’m recording all my songs back to back.  And getting all of that mastered by someone else.  Should be a three day process once I finish writing.

Here’s the track list:

1. Temporary (mc DJ mix)
2. Valentine
3. The Detour
4. Bullet  (Feat. Sydney Corinne & Damarius)
5. (Simple) X

I’ve been slacking lately though.  Just in a general sense.  I mean.  I recoded my desktop shit and redid all of my blogs and made this blog a blog/website.  And I’ll be buying the domain to this site pretty soon.  So be prepared to re-bookmark this site soon.   I’ll put a link on my Facebook and Twitter when I do.

I also checked the site stats to this when I woke up.  And it’s been the highest traffic so far.  A total of 59 views haha.  As opposed to the average 0 views.  As you may have realized by now.  This post is random as poop.  I just wanted to update you guys on some stuff.

Uhh.  That’s all I got.

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