To Build A Home.

Not really sure where I should be right now.  I’ve not gotten used to the idea of this place being home, and Clarksville no longer feels like home either.

Home is where the heart is.  So I guess I don’t have a heart.  Because my heart belongs to my family, my friends I call family, and a girl to whom I gave my heart.  So I guess these people are my home…. no matter where I really am.   But as happy and loved as I feel from my family, I still don’t feel at home… I just feel like I’m on a vacation.  And as much laughter as I get from my friends, I still don’t feel the sense of home either… only like I’m hanging out.  And no longer does this girl I gave my heart to reciprocate that love… so I can’t go to that home.  But I digress…

Have you ever experienced that feeling of relief and relaxation when you walk into your home after a long vacation?  I want that.  But I don’t know where to go….  The closest feeling I have to this is my collage of pictures I have above my desk.  That’s all I really have to hold on to…

I feel like I’ve just been floating lately.

So where do I start?  How do I build this home I so dearly want?  I have no idea.

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