We’ll Meet at the Crossroads.

Last year on May 17 I posted an entry on my second blog.  It described the same feelings I’m feeling now.  In the blog, I stated that Junior year was my best year.  Honestly, I think it was.  Yet, I can’t help but disagree with myself.  Junior year was filled with new and fun experiences, but Senior year was filled with memories.  I learned a lot my Junior year, but I guess that prepared me for this year.  I gained a lot of confidence.   But enough talk of Junior – I already have a post from Junior Toby.

The beginning of this year was good.  It was probably the first time I started school like it was seemingly nothing.  My life had evolved over the summer; I had a job, I had college friends, I had a girlfriend.  School seemed to come fourth to all these things, and it felt like a place were  I would just wait for my actual day to begin.  Although, once I became accustomed to my work, my new high school friends became closer than my college friends, and I became single,  did it all hit me.  The reality of school came back, and I felt it was too late to fix any mistakes I could.

This year my group of friends really only consisted of three other people.  And only two constants.  Shawn, Daniel, and Julie.  It was the first year were the group I hung out with could all fit in one car.  I wasn’t used to it.  But I really enjoyed it.  I became really close with these people, and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone.

My favourite memories of high school. 

In the beginning of the year, football crazed the halls.  This was the first year that I actually kept up with it.  I don’t specifically remember one game I attended, but I remember the feeling I had while being at them.  I had the feeling that I wasn’t alone, and that I was apart of something bigger than I could imagine.  I felt loved by my peers, because for some odd reason, people are more excited to see you when you’re not in school.  I do remember one game, but I don’t remember any of the game.  It was the homecoming football game, and at my school it is a tradition that the homecoming queen be announced at the game.  I was the escort for a nominee.  And we walked across the field during halftime.  Although, the girl I escorted, Angie, didn’t win.  I really do love this memory.  As the days and months continued forward, so did the adventures.  After homecoming, eventfully wise, school was school.

Throughout the entire year, I was the producer of my schools TV show, KNN.  Every Friday we would air a 40 minute show that would broadcast around the school.  I guess that was the ticket to my freedom.  As much as I didn’t want to do KNN, I’m glad I did.  It opened so many opportunities, and it is the soul reason for my popularity and success in high school.  It may have felt like a second job, as I was always struggling to meet the three day deadlines, but on show day, after we finished our live broad cast, it created a feeling of reward.

Relationships in high school, are just that.  I know this paragraph is time sensitive, as it is about a girl I like, but the memory will always be the same.  Everyday since before homecoming I would walk with Angie after lunch.  It started off platonic, as we would talk about my then current girlfriend, or we would just talk about random crap.  Though, as the days passed, and events and occurrences happened – my old crush on her began to arise once more.  And even though she never felt the same way towards me, those short two minute walks were the highlight of my days.

Prom.  You read in my last post on here about prom, that I had trouble finding a date.  Well, if you didn’t know, I did get a date, and it was with the girl I wanted to go with, Angie.  I had a crap load of fun, due to the events leading up to prom, and the events that took place afterwards.  (No…. not that.  Get your mind out of the gutter.)  Also, if you didn’t know, I won Prom King.  It was an overall great night.  And definitely a story for my future kids.  I can’t wait to tell my kids the stories of my high school life.

I’m going to miss high school, but without a doubt in my mind, I’m going to miss my friends the most.  I’m going to miss the crazy adventures, the hilarious moments, and the wonderful memories created thereof.  I tried to document my senior year the best I could.  I’ll never forget the football games; the weeks leading to homecoming; the time Thayer, Colton, Shawn, Daniel, and I camped out at the mall on a rainy/snowy Black Friday, the time Charles and I took a creepy walk in the forest.  All the adventures Shawn and I had.  (Including Daniel for some.)  When Damarius, Jacquese and I had an amazing spur of the moment day that ended with us petting an iguana named Tiggy.  The time Jacquese, Osiris, and I raved in the parking lot at the mall and had a week long adventure.  The time John, Daniel, and I stole Shawn’s car and hid it from him.  The time the KNN staff pranked Cody’s car with sticky notes and such.  I’ll never forget when my A&P class when to a body museum and they had a blind exhibit.  I’ll never forget my Skills USA trip to Chattanooga where I parkour’d up to a second story balcony, were we accidentally ended up on a roof, when we got lost in the sketchy ghetto area at midnight.  I’ll never forget the walks after lunch, or will I forget prom.   I’ll never forget my friends.  I’ll never forget Senior Year.  I’ll never forget high school.   I’ll never forget the memories.  We’re finally done 2011.

“Maybe it’s sad that these are now memories.  And maybe it’s not sad.”

I hope our paths will cross again.

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