Unforgiving Past.

How can I give advice, if I can’t take my own?

I learned a long time ago that you need to take risks in order to succeed in being happy.  Because at times, it is those split second moments that create the event that could forever effect the outcome of your life.  Though…. I say this a lot…  I am doomed to see the impeccable downfall of my own demise.  Subconsciously of course.

Think about the times you made a decision.  Now think about the outcome.  About half are bad memories, and the other half are good.  Even though a 50-50 shot doesn’t always seem worth it, does the knowledge of the possibility of your happiness outweigh the chance of your sadness?  Would you rather risk being sad, then being filled with regret?

I tell people happiness is worth the risk.  I tell people, sadness is only temporary, but happiness creates memories that will last longer than that of being down.  I tell people that they should think about their future selves, and how they would feel about the situation if they never took the chance.  I tell people – if she is worth the risk… there shouldn’t be a risk to take.

But the title speaks for itself and I often repeat my past.  I learned from my regrets, and I learned from my experience, yet I continue to allow myself to let these things stack up….  Where is the Toby that helps motivate and encourage others when I need him for my own?

All I have left to say is —- that window may still be open…. and I damn well need to take this opportunity while it’s still available.

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