Four Days.

Day 1

My adventurous time in the wonderful Chattanooga begins with me riding in a van with a school official, my partner, and her mom.  We are being driven down because our competition starts early the next morning.  So, when I get to Chattanooga, my brother picks me up because I am to stay with him for the evening.  And I do so.  My brother takes me to the movies, and he also takes me to his place of work.  Afterwards, his girlfriends cooks us a delicious home cooked meal.

Day 2

I am awaken by my brother at six in the morning.  I get ready in my competition clothing and he drops me off at the hotel where I am supposed to meet with my team.  We get to Chattanooga State campus and we are directed to our competition site.  There we get the prompt for our competition, to create a PSA over littering on campus.  We do so in half the time directed.   (Link to video will be posted later. )

We then head back to the hotel where we are greeted by the rest of the group who arrived this day.  I begin walking around with my friends and we end up going to Jimmy Johns for lunch.  We poorly parkour’d on the way there and back.  On the way back, we find this random elevator, so we go up it.   And we accidentally ended up on top of a roof, hahaha.

We then go back to the hotel to get ready for a banquet that Skills USA holds.  I loved my roommates this year.  It was so much fun.  Me – “Why are you naked??? Hahaha.”  Nick – “Justin’s naked too!”  Justin – “Toby!! You’re naked, too!”  Me – “OMG!  We’re all naked!”  Hahah. We were only in our boxers, haha.  So, we head out to the dinner, and there we have the best time.  Of course the food sucked, but I had a good time flirting with my fellow staff members, haha.

After the dinner, a group of friends and I head out into the metro.  We just walk around, but I decided to take a shortcut I took ONCE before.  I remember it being very sketchy, so I wasn’t too worried, but at some point I began to doubt myself, so I asked for directions, and it turned out I missed my turn a couple blocks back.  I also climbed up to a second floor balcony with my parkour skills, haha.

Day 3

A phone call wakes me up, asking if I was ready.  I wasn’t.  My alarm didn’t even go off.  So I rushed to get ready in time for my critique session over everyones PSA’s.  While there, I called an advisor from Springfield a jackass for being rude to me.   Layla and I had the overall flawless video.   After the critique session, Layla and I we’re interviewed for the campus’s local TV show.  It was really cool.  When we got back to the hotel, a group of us went to the mall.  While there – we played Glow in the Dark Mini Golf, which was AWESOME.  When we got back, we basically flirted with every girl on our floor.

Later that night a group and I went to TGIF for a late dinner.   Following that was a very short movie night. And immediately after, Charles, Nick, Justin, and I pulled an all nighter, which I will never regret or forget.

Day 4

I went to bed at 6:30 to wake up at 8:00.  As soon as we woke, we rushed to get dressed and headed to the award ceremony.  It was extremely boring, but Layla and I won second place in our Video Production category; Torrie and Darlene won third place in their Radio Production Category; and Ali won second place in her Extraneous Speaking category.  After the ceremony, we headed on home.

Overall.  This year was my favourite year out of all my Chatt. trips.  I loved this group so much.  And I had so much fun this year.  From accidentally going on top of a roof, to getting lost in the ghetto, to running in the back halls of the mall, to pulling an allnighter, to placing in my competition.  I had a great time, and I had a great memory.

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