Keep The Car Running.

Majority of my days are spent in three locations.

  1. School
  2. Work
  3. Home

But my favourite part of the days regardless of where I am, is the drive to get there and the drive to leave.  My favourite part of the day is sitting in my car and driving.  Especially on a warm summer evening.  The first day I got my car, I drove it in the backroads where I lived, and I ended up in Kentucky at one point.

Goodness gracious do I love my car.  The banner above is my car and I, and I love that car.  Her name is Sadie Valentina Darling, or Sweet Sexy Sadie is what I call her.  (AKA The S.S. Sadie)  So whenever  I have the time, I’m usually outside cleaning my car, and showing her off.  I’m so grateful to have her.

I love driving with my windows down and my music blasting.  But for the sake of image you’re probably seeing of me doing so, no I’m not blasting that thug life crap.  I’m probably blasting The Shins, Arcade Fire, Citizen Cope, Kid Cudi, or The Beatles.  Those are my most frequented blast bands.

It’s also my favourite part of the day, because during that time is when I get most of my thinking and planning done.  I’m usually planning situations of what could happen that day or contemplating over the days events when I’m leaving somewhere.

Another thing I love, is to drive in the back roads.   It’s a lot more pleasing and more fun in my opinion.  Exploring the country and discovering new “Ma & Pop” stores.  That’s how I found this amazing cafe by where I live.  Best burgers EVER.

Hmm….  I can’t wait for these spring days to spring back up!  Haha.  Lame….   But I really do want those warm summer evenings again.

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