The Fame Ain’t Painless Enough.

“I have nothing personally invested in my own opinions… I’m just inviting you to join me on the band wagon of my own uncertainty.”

Video blogging.  I’ve wanted to do this for a long while, but I never got around to it do to my lack of a video camera.  I also never knew what to talk about to draw peoples attention in, so I sadly put this idea on the back burner.  But I recently came into some inspiration from my good friend Charles, who has been posting short snip-its of his daily adventures.  This spawned the idea of just doing things like that, but with added commentary that I would do later on that day, and then I could piece it together.

Now my only problem is that I don’t have a video editor that can read .MPEG files.  I’m stuck with the crap that is Windows Movie Maker.  So, that leaves me with three options… I can convert the file to an .AVI, which would cause a large decrease in video quality.  I can download some sketchy freeware, hoping for the best.  Or I can purchase something cheap, that in the long run might be worth it.

Oh, how I long to YouTube famous.  It’s the lazy man’s A-Lister.  Believe it or not, YouTuber’s make some bank, with the biggest stars making a six figure salary.  I don’t need that… I mean, it’d be nice, but I don’t need it.  I’d be happy with being one of the quiet stars, like Matt Koval, who at the time of his partnership only had fifteen videos.  All of which feature him talking about past experiences and stories.

So, that’s the plan in a nutshell.  Hopefully it all works out.  And even if I never do become a partner, at least I can share my memories with anyone willing to listen.

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