Date. (Not the Fruit.)

Oh, the satirical emotions of a high school student.

I just got home from the prom fashion show at my school.  I had a lot of fun, but it also got me thinking….  I need to find a prom date.  But who do I ask?  I’m only interested in one girl at school, but she’s dating someone.   And I’m not really into any other girls.   So, the theory of asking someone outside of school comes to mind.  But then the same question still emerges… who?

So, now what?

What exactly can I do?  I just don’t care to find anyone anymore.   And yeah, it’s just a prom date, it doesn’t mean that we’re dating or anything.  But I’m a hopeless romantic, and I would like for my prom date to be someone special.  Someone special I can share this memory with.  I want to be able to tell my kids that I went to prom with the girl I adored.

That’s who I am.  I’m the guy who wants what you find in the movies.   That special girl.  Be it for life, or for a silly school dance; all I want in this life is to find that special girl.  I don’t care about sex.  I don’t care about status.  I care about love.

But right now I’m just in high school, and odds are none of these relationships will survive after high school.  I told myself a couple months ago that I would ask out that girl mentioned in the previous paragraph, and if she said no, I wouldn’t try again until I get to college.  Well, she said no, and now I’m just waiting to leave this place and get that fresh start all students crave for.

“I’m just waiting for a pardon.”

3 thoughts on “Date. (Not the Fruit.)

  1. You should ask someone you’ll have fun with! You should ask someone you can be yourself with. You should ask someone that will look good in the picture:0 HAHA. Seriously, don’t make it out to be a ONE NIGHT THING. It is, but it really isn’t, just have fun and enjoy it! I asked a guy I worked with (I had a HUGE crush on him, he was in a band and a college student SIGH). He said yes:) I couldn’t believe it, but the night didn’t turn out to be as special as I tried to make it out to be…Go with someone who is FUN!

  2. I know what you mean, but I always picked the ‘fun’ choice for all of the previous dances I’ve attended. I just want a classic, cliche filled night. I want that ‘coming of age’ story, y’know?

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