My watch beeps seven times at school.  It beeps six times at work.

This is blog number four.  My current blog trend seems to be that each one is focused on a general idea, or person.  My very first blog died quickly after I made it.  My second blog became a way of communication towards someone very special to me.  My third blog became an online journal.  And now I have this one.  I still use all my blogs, except for the first one, but this is my first WordPress blog.

The goal for this one, is to stay true to the ideology of my own mind.  I would like to talk about my experiences, my constant need to post something profound, or a place to post something that doesn’t fall into the category of my other blogs.  So, just like every other time, I will christen this blog with a metaphorical wine bottle, and sail away.

Avast ye scurvy dogs.

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